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Nezmastergames will gladly accept any foodbanks in the UK on our website, we will personally help set up your own store and logo along with details and links to your other pages to increase traffic and donations to your local foodbank and you will also be granted special advantages with our website with unlimited listings and no subscriptions at all, Nezmastergames along with other foodbanks around the UK are helping poverty in the UK by reaching out around the UK. 

We aim to help foodbanks on all categories and help reach out to others to share this experience in helping those who need help the most, businesses and personal related to foodbanks will have (Foodbank) next to their username has been accepted to auction and sell their products and items on Nezmastergames.   

Only selected charities will be chosen to auction their products and items. 

Contact us at:   help.info.nezmastergames@gmail.com  to get connected with us, please state what location and members you have at your local foodbank around the UK for our own research and acceptance. 

(If email link doesn't work please copy and paste our email into your email address)