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Rewards and Listing features on Nezmastergames

1 –  Sellers  – 100% feedback and be rewarded 10 Nezmastergames Credits (NGC) a month with successful transactions and 1 NGC for every 5 item(s) sold on Nezmastergames.

2 –  Buyers  – Buyers can receive up to 1 Nezmastergames Credits for every 5 successful transactions on Nezmastergames.

[Rewards can be suspended for those who do not follow our rules at NezmasterAuctions]

On Nezmastergames we do not charge fees on our website, instead we allow businesses and customers to purchase NGC packs (Nezmastergames Credits) 

NGC's are used on our website for listings and purchase of item(s) each NGC when purchased is valued at £0.10p per NGC.

Save enough Nezmastergames Credits (NGC) and you can purchase items on our website.