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Purchasing Nezmastergames credits

For quick access to purchase your Nezmastergames credits (NGC) click on your Username and select Dashboard section under to your username.

This will forward you to your dashboard section and below you will see Purchase NGC Pack, simply select which pack you wish to purchase and select Proceed, this will forward you to make a purchase using many payment methods. 

Prices for packs may reduce during promotions and deals, earn rewarded NGC's by buying and selling and keeping 100% feedback each month.

Nezmastergames Credits also known as NGC are used for your listings, NGC are used to finalise your listing setup, many listing features for you to select and some require NGC to use this feature for instant video and media uploads, home feature viewing which allows your item on the first page of NezmasterAuctions and many other listing features at your disposal.

As shown above Nezmastergames Credits (NGC) are extremely affordable and you can list an item for only 1 NGC, so 10 NGC can allow you to list 10 items/products regardless of the prices of the items/products.

For more information about rewards and listing features select this link https://www.nezmastergames.co.uk/information-rewards-fees